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SAFA Is defined as:

The Clarity Of the Mind, Body and Spirit.


It’s defined as Joy, Clarity, Serenity, Lucidity, Fineness, and Fairness.


Dr. Saman Faramarzi, also known as Dr. Sam, is the Founder of SAFA Life and Wellness.


Dr. Sam completed her Naturopathic Medical training at Bastyr University, in Washington State. Before she attended medical school, she completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition Sciences and practiced as a weight loss expert.  


While studying the intricacies of the physiology of the body in Medical School, she became fascinated with the mind-body connection. She had mastered facilitating healing in the body, and wanted to learn more about the mind.


Dr. Sam studied cutting-edge research on mindfulness at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She incorporates her knowledge into private practice where she applies mind-body medicine and witnesses profound changes in patients just after a few visits. She is a certified NLP practitioner and helps her patients achieve lasting results through behavioral changes. 


Dr. Sam is also an expert in IV Nutrient Therapy, Vitamin Injection Therapy, Neural Therapy, PRP aesthetic treatments and Perineural Injection Therapy.


Dr. Sam likes to ask her patients how they want to FEEL, LIVE and BE everyday. She then partners with her patients to help them achieve their health goals through the many modalities in her toolbox. Dr. Sam’s greatest joy is helping her patients become empowered to make choices to improve their health and change their lives. 

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